Crawl space drainage system

Fungus, mold, mildew remediation

Vapor / moisture barrier

Sump pump

Air quality testing w/ lab results

Relocation inspection

Mold testing / inspection

Moisture testing

Real estate inspection

Floor joists repair

Crawl space insulation

Poly ground cover

Conditioned crawl space

Crawl space encapsulation

Basement waterproofing


HVAC fogging for allergies


Pre-listing inspection

  You've done your homework making sure everything inside your home looks good before listing, but what about your crawl space?  In all too many cases, this is the one thing that will kill a deal!  Most people don't make a habit of entering their crawl space, but unfortunately, that's where a lot of issues can occur.  Avoid surprises and call us today for a free crawl space inspection before listing your home.